If you really want something and are really dedicated to it, you work hard to make your dreams come true. Doesn’t matter how much time you need. Or how many failures you will endure, as long as you keep fighting and stand up, you will get there in the end!

We always had a fascination for lingerie. But it was always hard to find any beautiful lingerie for small females. Therefore, we had this idea to make our own brand, so the woman among us who have small sizes are also able to obtain some sexy lingerie that is beautiful and has great quality. Something rebellious with a raw edge.

So we started designing, fantasising, developing and building the brand. Ideas were gathered, designs were made, fabrics bought, and we experimented. What is beautiful? But at the same time really comfy?

After some hard work and a lot of time, we finally realised our first collection CYGNUS. Two beautiful clean sets that fit a lot of different small bodies and are really comfortable to wear.

This is our adventure, and we love every day of it! And we are ready to share it with the world. Ninazu will release beautiful collections one after another. All limited and unique. A wearable work of art.